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VIRTUE TREE - El árbol de los valores

Once upon a time there was a wood with many trees and bright flowers in which butterflies shimmered in hundreds of colours while others were happily perfumed by their sweet nectar.

Sometimes, because of the glaring rays of the sun, these butterflies were highlighted with gold and silver colours.

The fairy Sarita, who had recently arrived in the wood was full of joy at seeing the friendly landscape. She stared at one butterfly with a magic flapping giving different virtues to each leaf of a tree.

Astonished at the landscape, the fairy Sarita went next to other butterflies and asked:

_Why are those trees so beautiful?

The butterfly Rosa, who was the guardian of the whole forest, replied with her nice smile:

_ Their beauty comes from their leaves which the tree grows from human virtues.

_ What are virtues? _ inquired fairy Sarita with curiosity.

_ Virtues are those things that make people better every day! _ revealed butterfly Rosa.

As she thought about it, the fairy Sarita asked to be taught how to grow a virtue tree. That´s why butterfly Rosa gave her some leaves from which she was to select a few.

At that very moment, fairy Sarita chose the virtues of dignity and responsibility for the roots. The virtue of integrity for the trunk. The virtues of friendship and respect for the branches.

And finally, virtues such as self-control, dialogue, effort, work, courage, self-esteem and entertainment for the leaves of the tree.

As the virtue tree was about to grow she decided to go to play. She spread a circle of light for other butterflies to come to it while she was flying freely across the wood.

Immediately, all the insects flew down into the valley and made a circle on the verdant grass and danced happily. Among songs and music the fairy Sarita learned how to dance the butterfly waltz.

While she was swaying and dancing, she approached her virtue tree, and she burst into tears when she discovered that her tree was the only one that didn’t blossom. As butterfly Rosa saw the fairy crying she went to her and explained:

_Your tree has no flowers because among all the virtues you didn’t choose the most important.

_ And what is the most important? _ asked fairy S in tears.

_ The most important virtue is love! _ confessed the butterfly Rosa.

Having heard this, the fairy Sarita flew swiftly towards her tree and put the love virtue on it, and immediately, the virtue tree started to grow.

This event clearly showed fairy S the paramount importance of all the values, but first and foremost…. the love virtue.
Author: Maria Abreu

Leer el cuento en español: El árbol de los valores

With all gentle and quiet behaviour, taking whatever comes, putting up with one another in love (Ephesians 4:2)


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