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The Bald Man and the Fly - El calvo y la mosca

One bald man was sitting outside a café enjoying a cup of coffee. A fly which was flying around smelled the scent of the coffee and went to the cup and took a sip out of it. Then maliciously it flew away and stung the bald man in his head.

The fly continued flying around the bald man’s head and as soon as he tasted his coffee the shameless fly immediately stung his head.

Another slurp…. But this time when the cunning fly got close to repeat its action, the man raised one hand and slapped the fly. The injured insect lying on the table with a broken leg reproached the man:

_ Mean bald man! Because of a mere sting you tried to kill me!

_ Who acts with ill will, severe justice will have! _ replied the bald man.

The daring fly with its broken leg flew far away in pain and ill temper.

PS: Whoever acts with malice sooner or later will receive their punishment.  

Author: Maria Abreu

Leer el cuento en españolEl calvo y la mosca

Stablish my steps in thy word; and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.  (Psalm 119:133)



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